School Policy

School Regulation Admission and Registration Policy

Dear Parents,
1.School starts according to the following schedule:
                * KG students start from 7:15 am to 1:00 pm
                * Grades 1-12 students from 7:15 am till 2:00 pm except on Thursday in which all students will leave the school at 1:00 pm.
2. Parents are not allowed to walk into the classrooms to take their children. Students will be called only through the reception or administration.
3. Parents should pick up their children on time as per the assigned school timings. This will give children enough time to rest, do their homework and study to improve their learning levels.
4. Teachers start their duties from 6:45 am and end at 2:45 pm. Consequently, the school administration is not responsible towards students who come before or after the assigned timing.
5. Parents should accompany the young students to the bus during pick up and collect them from the bus assistants upon drop off.
6. If parents would like their children not to go by bus, they have to inform the transportation department before 11:00 am. The school is not responsible towards informing the students after the assigned time, since this will cause problems to the transportation team. Also, students are not allowed to change or leave the bus at places other than the areas designated by the administration.
7. Student’s absence is not accepted unless it is supported with medical certificates or valid excuse. Under the circumstances, the following are accepted:
               * Medical certificates
               * A call from a Parent
               * Death of family member or relatives
               * Urgent or sudden travels
8. Students who do not attend one period will be considered absent for the whole day.
9. Students will be dismissed from the school if they are absent for 10 consecutive days or for 15 days throughout the academic year.
10. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones, cameras, and recorders inside the classrooms for any reason. If any of the above-mentioned devices is detected with the students, the school administration will confiscate it till the end of the term. As a result, the terms of school behavioural discipline system will be applied on those students.
11. If students do not commit to the school regulations or if any behavioral issue takes place, the school administration will apply the terms of conduct of behavior assigned by the Ministry of Education.
12. Parents should inform the school nurse if the student has allergy or suffers from any kind of sickness in order to avoid any consequences or health issues.
13. Parents should inform the school if the student has special needs or suffers from any emotional or psychological fears. If the school administration is not informed about any problem, the student will be transferred to the Special Needs Department if any special case is noticed, and reassessed the SEN tuition if applicable.
14. Students of special needs will be included in regular classrooms after the approval of the Special Needs Department.
15. Parents’ account on school website is an important way of communication between the school administration and parents. Parents are requested to check their accounts regularly and on a daily basis to follow up the student’s level, homework, and notes from teachers and supervisors. Parents can also download and install the school application called “iCampus” on their smart phones.
16. For information and enquires about students, please contact the school and request for an appointment to meet the staff in-charge of the required department.

Registering new students for all grade levels
1. KG1 students should have completed 4 years by the 31st of December of the current year.
2. The student should pass the entrance exam and the interview. The entrance exam is aligned with the national and international standards.
3. The following documents should be submitted:
                * A copy of the student’s passport with a valid residence visa.
                * A copy of both parent’s passports with a valid residence visa.
                * A copy of the father and the mother Emirates IDs.
                * 3 new photographs of the student.
                * A copy of the vaccination card.
                * A copy of the birth certificate.
                * Original student’s Emirates ID and a photocopy.
                * The UAE family book for locals.
                * Original transfer certificate and report card before the start of 2018/2019.
4. To register students, a registration fee of 500 DHS should be paid and will be deducted from the school tuitions of the next academic year when the students enrolled in the school.                      This fee is non-refundable in case the student did not register in the school or if the student enrolled for less than one term.
5. The school will give priority to the existing students, their siblings, then the new students based on the annual timing for registration assigned by the school administration.
6. Concerning discount of siblings, please note that the second, third and fourth sibling will take a 10% discount only on school fees.
7. To re-register the existing students, the school needs to ensure the validity of students’ data available on the school system. To do that, parents should bring a photocopy of the new                   passport or Emirates ID to update the system. The school has the right to decline registration for those who failed to pay all school fees of the current academic year.
Note: To re-register grade 12 students, please bring a photocopy of the student’s passport with a valid residence visa.