School Events

school Events 2017 - 2018

Kindergarten will celebrate the importance, beauty and fun of mathematics on Thursday, Feb. 21

It is that time of the year again where we all get to put on our Sneakers and Athletic Gear!

Date: 21/02/2019

In the interest of our school in poetry and its arts, AL Durrah International School launched the poet of the future contest

English Week was a week of flurry and excitement wherein ADIS students celebrated English Language by showcasing their skills through plethora of engaging activities and competitions.

The “Global Day” concept is intended to observe an idea or topic of worldwide concern. It raise awareness of how global concerns affect us all.

ADIS celebrates the Global Day with an educational, multicultural festival. With world music and dance, informative booths for various countries, an international food court and a wide variety of games and activities.

The kids of Kindergarten got a chance to explore their gross motor skills through a series of competitions organised for them

Second Parents Meeting was held on Thursday 17/01/2019, It was attended by a large number of parents and students, providing a platform to discuss students’ progress in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. 

The Health Week started on Sunday 13th to Wednesday 16th of Jan to raise the awareness about the importance of following proper lifestyle.

Al Durrah International School celebrated UAE’s 46th National Day with festivities planned by staff and students.Our principal Ms. Salma welcomed His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Abdullah Al Qassimi, the Board of Trustees and his guests prior to the opening of the student performances at Al Durrah Event Hall. Sheikh Mohammad not only graced us with his hounorable presence but also with his generosity of such a special cake.

Our kids really enjoyed their Math Fun Day, they participated in different kinds of math activities and learned new things in a very fun way, they also used their knowledge and applied it on that day.

Al Durrah International School held the First Arabic Calligraphy Fair on November 7. The fair included various activities. The Arabic Language department launched the fair by presenting a documentary video titled the “Arabic Calligraphy and Its Meanings”. Then, students took a tour around the fair to learn about the types and history of Arabic Calligraphy.

Our students’ security and safety is top priority at Al Durrah International School. To prepare and train our students for an emergency evacuation, and to ensure the accuracy of the planned procedures, a Trial Fire Drill has been arranged on Thursday 26th Oct 2017

The orientation was successfully implemented by the KG admins, where many points were tackled like,school timing, punctuation, transportation, health and safety etc…

It was really informative and lightening for parent’s wonders.It would have not succeeded without the beautiful attendance of the parents. In ADIS we care to provide a harmonic environment for you.

Al Durrah International School welcomes all of its faculty members and students to the new academic year 2017/2018.
First day for all will be as follows:
Administrators on August 20
Teachers on September 4
Students: KG2 – G12 on September 10
KG1 on September 12

school Events 2016 - 2017

Al Durrah International School is glad to welcome all kg students for this scholastic year 2016-2017. First day of school started with posing in a frame for a memorable picture of each student, having his/her first hand print as a reminder of his first achievement at school.

Al Durrah International School celebrated the occasion of Eid-Al-Adha during the morning assembly. Through the activities held, students learned about rites of pilgrimage and the importance of the sacred journey of a pilgrim.

This year, Al-Durrah International School has taken the leap to go green! As part of this initiative, we are raising awareness on the importance of recycling and the positive impact it has on the environment and the community. We are encouraging our students to care for the environment and adopt this mission as their own.
As a first step in going green, we are participating in the Cans Collection Drive for recycling in association with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG). Students from KG1 to grade 11 are requested to collect aluminium cans to be sent to the EEG office before the end of the campaign on 29th of October, with support from their parents, teachers and staff.
The winning school/organization will be awarded based on the weight in kilograms of the collected cans during the campaign period and will receive a special certificate of participation. Al Durrah International School will also reward the class that collects the most number of cans with a trip of their own choice.

Our students’ security and safety is a top priority at Al Durrah International School. To prepare and train our students for an emergency evacuation and to ensure the accuracy of the planned procedures, a fire drill has been conducted on Tuesday 25th Oct 2016 in coordination with the Civil Defense Department.
Al Durrah International School would like to extend its sincere thanks to the Civil Defense team and fire-fighters who responded to our request and participated with us. Their high-level professionalism was very commendable. They even commented to us that our evacuation went very smooth and was highly successful.
Response time was 3.2 minutes

The ELA Department at Al Durrah Internatiional School commemorated the launch of the school’s annual event, English Week, in Term 2. English Week aimed to provide platforms and opportunities for students to develop a love for the language through a variety of interesting and meaningful activities planned for the week. To encourage and motivate students to think, write, read and speak clearly and effectively, there were exciting level-wide activities from Primary 1 to High 11 tailored to suit the different age groups. We had some fun activities such as Favorite Character Day, Career Day, Debates, stellar theatrical performances from the students, and Reading / Writing / Poetry Competitions.

In line with one of the most important initiatives in the world, “Innovation”, and unified effort by the government, private sector and individuals are encouraged to assists in the creation of large scale culture of innovation in the United Arab Emirates and strengthen its position as a global center for innovation. Our core values Al Durrah International School, are committed to accomplish this goal by launching the “Science Innovation Week” to nurture our youth’s minds, abilities and skills.