Parents Council

school Parents council (SPC)

     School, parents and community are the most effective elements in the educational process of our kids. To reach the desired educational, emotional and social outcomes, the partners must work collaboratively with each other to develop strong relations. The school invites all parents to be part of the School Parent Council. Parents are kindly requested to fill up the form attached. It is important to specify the section that you want to be part of. The school will call for a general meeting for parents in each section to conduct an election, where parents will choose their representatives in the SPC Committee.
What is School Parent Council?
       The School Parent Council will act as an advocate for the parents and students, engage in meetings with the school administration and exchange ideas with the Principal and the administration. The Parents Council can suggest extra-curricular activities and possibly invite guest speakers to address the parents in issues of relevant interest.
SPC Committee Role:
       Attend SPC Meetings with the school administration
       Conduct meeting with all members of the Parent’s Council
       Act as an advocate for the parents and students
       Review school action plan and give ideas and advice

Goals and Objectives of the SPC Committee are to:
   Ensure positive parent involvement and partnership between all stakeholders (school administration and staff, parents and students)
   Involve parents in an organized and timely manner in school procedure
   Help parents provide the best support to their kids’ education
   Provide information to parents & consult with other parents to bring their concerns, questions & ideas to the attention of school staff.
   Communicate with other parents and clarify school mission and vision
   Build bridges between school administration and parents

Responsibilities of SPC?
  1.  Academics
     Encourage parent’s follow-up with students’ educational needs (workshops, presentations, etc.)
     Communicate with school administration regarding any academic issues
 2.  Psychological Approach
   Parents can conduct workshops & presentation according to their area of expertise after consulting with SPC Committee & School administration

  Election Procedures
  1. The School Parents Council will choose two of its members to be a representative of each group/section.
  2. The school provides space and helps to finish the election procedures.
  3. Members choose their Committee according to:
  Parent of our students
   Capable of promoting positive attitude and respect amongst parents
   Parents who can be available and manage their time to be given to school