Message from the Head of Departments

Mr. Tareq Majbour - Head of Science Department

The Science Department provides a challenging curriculum that promotes the natural curiosity and intellectual development of students through a team of excellent and dedicated Science teachers.  Our teachers work cooperatively to support the curriculum’s high standards and achievements of our hard working students.

By teaching Science to our students, we empower them to be creative, innovative, problem solvers, and demonstrate through experiential learning how to integrate these skills into every aspect of a their education and daily life.

Mr. Said Shaaban - Head of Mathematics Department

It is my goal to create a department flourishing with good teachers and good students working together for the benefits of all. Our focus is to produce independent learners who have the confidence in using mathematics to analyze and solve problems both in school and in real-life situations.

Ms. Lyudmyla Klykova - Head of English Department

Literature is transformative; thus, it teaches our students to move to higher order thinking by allowing them to move mentally from the particular to the abstract. Analyzing literature also teaches important cognitive reading, writing, and thinking skills. These skills are essential problem-solving skills, and they will benefit our students and contribute to their success no matter what they do in later life.

Mr. Majed Al Hamwi- Head of Arabic/Islamic Department

 اللغة أثمن ثروات الإنسان ، لذا نعمل جاهدين على غرس حب العلم والتعليم للغتنا العربية ،وتحسين القراءة وفهم المضمون ، والاستزادة من المطالعة لتنمية الثقافة ، والاعتزاز باللغة العربية وبخصائصها ، واستيعاب المعارف اللغوية والأدبية.