Board of Trustees Message

A Message from the Governing Board Chair

On behalf of the ADIS Governing Board, I am honored to welcome you all. I take this opportunity to assure you that we as a GB, the Principal and every staff member in the school will not spare any effort to support and assist each one of you to be productive and high achieving members of the Al Durrah International School community. We also will do our best to provide you with all resources needed to help you meet your ambitions as active citizens in this emerging world community. At a strategic level, the role of the GB involves: Setting the guiding statements and the direction for our school to ensure that its position and reputation among other schools in the region and worldwide; implementing and monitoring procedures compatible with the best available practices and methods; ensuring appropriate building premises; providing the resources, facilities and the guidance required to enhance the teaching and learning experience; supporting the Principal and the Top Management; ensuring that all our students are creative and critical thinkers who excel academically and socially. The purpose of this booklet is to help you learn all what you need to know about our shared vision, noble mission, objectives, and expectations. It also outlines how to partner together in order to materialize our vision of a better future for generations to come Insha-Allah. We are fully aware of the rapidly increasing changes and challenges in our contemporary world, triggered by the information, technological and digital revolution. Thus, we find ourselves obliged to provide our students with the necessary skills and competencies to prepare them to seize the limitless opportunities. To succeed in this endeavor, we set our top priority and ultimate goal to create professional and perpetual learning community through:

– Maximize every student’s 21st century skills, competencies and learning proficiencies.
– Develop their self –esteem, self- confidence, and leadership abilities.
– Provide resources to enhance, develop and empower all our staff.
– Ensure the school is distinguished by a safe, respectful, collaborative friendly culture, and
a pleasant environment that is conducive to learning and creativity.

Hence, in addition to the key subjects which include English, language skills, arts, mathematics, economics, science, geography, history, government and civic, we promote the following twenty first century skills and competencies and integrate them into our curriculum:

21st Century Themes
• Global Awareness
• Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy
• Civic Literacy
• Health Literacy
• Environmental Literacy
Learning and Innovation Skills
• Creativity and Innovation
• Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
• Communication and Collaboration
Information, Media and Technology Skills
• Information Literacy
• Media Literacy
• ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) Literacy
Life and Career Skills
• Flexibility and Adaptability
• Initiative and Self-Direction
• Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
• Productivity and Accountability
• Leadership and Responsibility
Twenty First Century Support Systems
• 21st Century Standards
• Assessments of 21st Century Skills
• 21st Century Curriculum and Instruction
• 21st Century Professional Development
• 21st Century Learning Environment

In addition to the teaching qualities required to support such a curriculum, we recruit and retain teachers who inspire our students to have high aspirations through practical experiences and active involvement in their learning achievements. Students learn how to accept and respect others and their beliefs, without compromising national, international and universal core values.
We and our ADIS experts assure you that we will exert all our efforts to secure our students’ physical and psychological safety and endeavor to develop their social, aesthetic and academic excellence. We will maintain positive attitude, respect and tolerate all people’s feelings, and lead by example. We will systematically measure and evaluate our performance aiming to continuously enhance the quality and standard of our performance. We believe in parental involvement. Statistics have shown that children perform at their best and achieve great results when their parents are involved in their children’s educational process.
Thus, we encourage each one of you to share any concern with your senior leadership team without any hesitation. We are sincerely keen on maintaining a mutual trust nurtured in an atmosphere of transparency and accountability.

Wishing You All and Our School the Best

Sheikh Mohamad Bin Abdallah AL-Qasimy
Governing Board Chair